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Kid's Birthday Party Ideas - Part Four - Star Wars

Star Wars can seem like a very male theme for a birthday party. It is true, I am not sure how many girls would enjoy this party as their own, but the girls that were invited enjoyed themselves as much as the boys! Plus as a girl I was very girly but I still begged and dragged my Mum to the movies to watch Star Wars, Star Trek, Indiana Jones and some dubious other films like er Beastmaster!

For this party I wanted lots of interaction with the kids. I had scoured Pinterest for ideas and gathered together those that I thought would work best. I needed more help from the grown ups and roped in my husband and brother in law to have staring roles!

I purchased adult Obi Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader costumes and my Mother in law made simple tunics for the kids to wear for their roles as Padawans. The tunics had a large hole to place over the head and I purchased gold cord from Hobbycraft for the belts. My son wanted something a little different to his friends so he borrowed a silver belt of mine to wear with his! The kids kept these tunics on for most of the party despite it being an extremely hot day. Plus if they wanted they could take their tunic home as a party favour.

Party decorations were very simple and easy. I purchased a large black poster roll which I taped together to make one large back drop. I then found Star Wars pictures from the web, printed these out and stuck them to the back drop. I also found a Star Wars font and used this to create the slogan 'May the Force be With you'. I also purchased a bunch of foam stars to add to the backdrop. Other Star Wars pictures were stuck on doors and windows. I got a star shaped helium balloon and wrote my son's name on it.

Admittedly I didn't do a very neat job when making the back drop but I was pressed for time! I also found some Star Wars confetti and birthday banner online to add to the table. I bought all silver cups, plates, tablecloth, napkins and cutlery and painted a shoe box silver and a foam block black. My son had a model Millennium Falcon and a small R2 D2 robot which I added to the table. All the food was placed on the table away from the 'training' area!

Birthday boy all dressed up and ready to party, I mean train!

I sought lots of inspiration from Pinterest for the food. If you head to my Pinterest board here you will find all the original ideas I used to create this party.

Many people had created tented cards for the food so I decided to do the same. I found a space picture online, and using the Star Wars font created fun names! Some again I pinched from other parties I had seen, so I cannot take credit for most of them!

Here we have the Endor trail mix! This was just a selection of potato snacks in varying shapes housed in a metal bucket.

This was a big hit and so easy! The Sarlacc dip was a pre made pot of hummus with string cheese seperated out and stuck in the top!

Veggie Sabers (Vader's Veggies) were strips of vegetables and bread sticks that had a saber shape. These could also be dunked in the hummus.

I love the name for the popcorn! Obi Corn Kenobi!

I decided to make pops that were a lot easier than cake pops, so marshmallows came to my rescue. I just had to draw some Stormtrooper faces on with an edible pen and stick lolly sticks in the bottom. These didn't last long! 

Yoda soda was featured in a lot of the parties I looked at. I used lemonade with some food colouring along with some plain water for those who weren't keen on the green stuff!

Wookie Cookies also featured on a lot of parties and they ended up being one of my favourite things! I made double chocolate cookies and then decorated them with chocolate buttercream and fondant. To make the Wookie fur I used a star tip, and starting from the top I created strips of fur, overlapping as I went to build it up. I then cut out shapes from fondant for the features.

All of these things were relatively easy, the cake was another story!

My son liked the look of this one.

star wars - Vadar!

An impressive cake to say the least! I decided it could't be too hard to replicate as there is a lot of black fondant which could be used as the cloak and hide any dodgy bit!

How wrong I was! I made 2 cakes, a square and a rectangle which I trimmed to give the right shape. Making the cloak actually turned out to be very tricky and I ended up with a very thin Vader!

Here is my version! Not a patch on the original, however, my son thought it was pretty cool and that was enough for me.

Now onto the party itself! We made up games related to Star Wars as 'training' for the kids to become Jedis. This was inspired by other parties I had seen.

A Jedi cannot be without their light saber! I made these following this tutorial by Muddy Boots. Each child got to pick their own and again this was another party favour.

We set up an obstacle course and this part represented the Dagobah system and the training that Luke goes through. The kids had to carefully step between wood rounds, head through the 'cave' and then balance along some logs while holding their light sabers! This was 2 large cardboard boxes covered with blankets and sheets.

First part of the training!

Balancing skills.

Obi Wan keeping a close eye on the trainees.

Careful balancing.

The swing set came in very handy as they had to climb up and over and down the slide as part of the obstacle course.

Moving onto the planet Hoth and the Wampa cave!

The kids could practice their light saber skills in the cave.

Or indeed on each other!

Lots of practicing going on!

Obi Wan then showed them how to balance balloons on their light sabers. This caused much laughter when Obi Wan failed in his attempts!

The training was interrupted by the arrival of Darth Vader! Obi Wan started to battle him and then instructed the Padawans to 'Get him!'

Obi Wan took over and forced Darth Vader out of the garden and came back with Darth's head!

Well, I say head, it was actually a Darth Vader Pinata!

You can purchase a Pinata kit here. The kids destroyed the head and claimed their prizes! Obi Wan then gave each Padawan a certificate for completing their training.

I used these free certificates and printed out on white card.

After all the training, it was time to eat and relax with a cool drink. When they had finished eating they just had one more task to tackle. Han Solo had been frozen in carbonite and needed to be helped out!

I got the idea for this from Lemon Squeezy Home here.

It was a good game to cool down with and relax after all the excitement of the training.

A very successful and fun party!

Have a great weekend!

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