Monday, 6 October 2014


Well it is a cold and wet day here, completely different to the end of last week with sunshine and warm temperatures. Over the weekend I celebrated a friends birthday. I made her cupcakes with little cats on top as she recently became Mummy to a lovely little furball! Now I am just an enthusiastic amateur when it comes to cake decorating but I thought I would share how I made the cats for the cupcakes as they were a lot easier than I expected!

I found a couple of tutorials and used this one as a starting point.

Firstly, get some fondant in the colour you want your cat, give it a knead and then shape it into a pear.

Said pear!

Next take a toothpick or something similar to create the front paws.

You just want to make 3 indents as if the cat is sitting.

Take some fondant in a different or same colour, roll into a ball shape and attach to your main piece at the base of your indentations. Then use the same technique on these smaller pieces to represent the paws.

I've gone for a contrasting colour so you can see it more clearly.

Next you want to add some detail to the neck of your cat. In the case of this one I got some white fondant, rolled it out, and made a crown like cut across one edge. This is the same as the tutorial I looked at. I eyeballed how long this would need to be and then wrapped it around the top of my pear. Any excess can be cut off at the back. I didn't need to use any edible glue for this though it is always handy to have some on hand.

You don't have to add this, you can keep it plain or as I did on some of the other cats, create a collar. Use your imagination!

Finally, it's time to add a head! Roll a ball of fondant in the same colour as the body and place on top. This covers the top of your neck detail as well. Then take 2 small pieces of fondant and roll them into tiny balls. Place these on the front of the head and press them down next to one another. Take your toothpick and indent some whisker holes. I didn't add any whiskers to mine but you could use uncooked spaghetti.

Get an even smaller piece of pink fondant and roll this into a tiny ball and place at the top and in the middle of your 2 cheeks.
Get another 2 pieces of white fondant, roll these into balls and place above the nose for eyes. Then get 2 even smaller piece of black fondant, roll these and add to the white for pupils.

You can give your cats different coloured eyes. I also used green and blue for variety.

Next take 2 pieces of fondant and using your hands shape them into triangles. I used a ball tool to indent the ears in the middle. Place these either side of the head.

All that is left is to do is roll a sausage piece of fondant and attach at the base of your cake for a tail.
As you can see from this critter, I curled the tail around the body and gave him a collar.

All that was left to do was place them on top of the cupcakes!! I cut out some heart shapes as well, sprinkled edible glitter onto them and placed these on half the cupcakes. My friend was very pleased when they arrived!

I wanted each cat to be slightly different and made one to look a little like her cat!

Isn't she fluffy?! All done with a toothpick!

This one really was my favourite!

I hope you are inspired to have a go!

Have a great week!

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