Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Chocolate Fondant Roses

It was my birthday at the weekend. The sun shone all weekend so we were out and about quite a lot taking advantage of the good weather. My friend made me a gorgeous lemon and limoncello cake and I got very spoilt with an array of lovely gifts.

I like to include those around me in my celebrations, including my work mates.  I decided they needed some good chocolate cupcakes in their lives! What better excuse to do a little decorating while I was at it to really pretty them up?!

12 indulgent cupcakes!

As you know I am not expert when it comes to decorating cakes and have had some major fails in my time! It doesn't stop me having a go and I have made roses plenty of times. I use petal cutters as I've had them for years, so have no experience with the all in one cutters you see a lot in the shops.

Here's what I used:-

Ready made fondant, edible glitter, petal cutters, leaf cutter, foam pads and shaping tools.

I start out rolling the fondant as thin as I can, then cut out a selection of petal sizes. For these cupcakes I chose not to use the largest cutter.

I then took a small piece of fondant and shaped it into a cone. This is used to wrap the petals around.

I then take the smallest petals and begin shaping and thinning further with a ball tool. I like to use the sponge as when the petals bounce back it gives them some extra shape. I then took these smallest petals and wrapped them closely around the cone.

I then go up to the next size, shape again, then start to wrap more loosely around the rose bud. I always find that the base can get quite elongated so I kept the original cone shapes as small as possible.

By thinning the petals they fall more naturally round the base.

I made some leaves out of teal fondant, and covered these with some edible glitter. I have a problem with glitter, I can't seem to stay away from it!

I swirled the cupcakes with a generous amount of frosting and placed a rose in the centre of each with a couple of leaves. Simple yet so pretty!

 I love the combination of teal, chocolate and pink!

Have a great weekend!

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