Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Loving Canvas Trio

If you have been following the blog you would know that we made over our master bedroom this Spring. Above our bed is a small wall panel just waiting for some decoration.  I am in the process of designing a gallery wall depicting my husbands and my relationship through the years. I have chosen 6 pictures which I will make custom frames for. I wanted to add a little something else to the wall and kept seeing various pictures with the words 'Always kiss me goodnight'. I really liked that idea for the bedroom but as there were so many items dedicated to that phrase I decided something different was in order.

I started thinking about song lyrics and titles for inspiration. I wanted it to be short and sweet as I was using small square canvas panels. We have been together for more years than I would like to admit (shows my age!) so the catalogue of songs that have been released during our time together is phenomenal! In 1994 we moved away from our home town and set up house in a new place. That year a song was released by The Wannadies called You and Me. Within the song the line 'You and Me, Always' is sung. Those words sum up utterly our relationship so there was no need to look further for inspiration!

I designed a square picture using PicMonkey. Using a font called Thirsty Script Bold I typed out You, Me, Always onto 3 separate designs. I coloured the design roughly the same colours that I was using to paint to canvas to get a clearer picture of what it could look like. I then used Picasa to resize and print out so that it would fit neatly over one of the panels. Here's what the computer design looked like.

I painted each panel in Spa Blue to match the other details in the bedroom.

I took the 3 design print outs and scribbled on the back of each with a pencil as per this post. I could then trace around the letters to get an outline on each canvas.

I recently bought a set of Sharpies for crafting and one was the perfect colour to outline the design. The nib didn't really like the painted surface of the canvas so I had to go over it a few times.

Once that was completed I used some Spa Blue mixed with a little black and Desert Turquoise to create a darker colour for the words. Using a very fine paintbrush, I filled in the design with the custom paint colour. I went over the design a second time to fill in any gaps.

I added a small embellishment to each picking out some of the other colours in the bedroom. They are now ready to hang!

Though they do look pretty on my shelf next to my wedding photo!

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