Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Fondant Guitar and a Happy Birthday!

After a couple of busy weeks I am back to blogging.  The summer holidays were full of days out, lots of playing out for the young man, a birthday and a gorgeous break in Italy. I certainly didn't feel like doing much crafting and having a break from the blog was just what I needed to recharge. I hope to have plenty of fun craft ideas up over the course of the next few weeks.

During the holidays my son turned 10! 10! I still cannot get my head around that figure! This year he wanted a complete surprise for his birthday cake. Normally he picks a cake design and I theme his party around it. Now he is 10 he wanted to have a completely different celebration. He picked some of his closest friends and they went Go Karting followed by a meal out. 

One of his passions is guitar. He has been learning since he started Junior school, and this past Christmas we bought him an electric one. I had seen some great guitar cakes on Pinterest along with some helpful tutorials on how to make one out of fondant. I decided this was the way to go with his cake and thankfully it was the right choice! He totally loved his cake (design and taste!). Win win!

The guitar was pretty easy to make and I based the design on his electric one. I firstly took pictures of the guitar and amp. I then resized the guitar so that I could use the print out as a template.

I started with this tutorial as a guide and printed out 2 copies of the guitar.

I carefully cut out one of the guitars and just the white part of the other. These would serve as my templates for cutting out the fondant shapes.

I laid the full guitar on a piece of rolled black fondant, and using a craft knife, carefully cut around it.

I then did the same with the cut out portion of the guitar.

I then overlaid the pieces secured with a little clear alcohol.

It was then time to add the details. I used small pieces of fondant to shape the frets and buttons on the cake. I also took a small piece of light brown fondant and cut around to add the top of the handle.

I added another strip of black fondant to the handle to build it up. I took some silver edible paint and began adding the finer details. I also used an edible food writer to add the name of the guitar to the handle.

I left this to dry for 3 days. I also shaped the amp from a large piece of black fondant and left this to dry.

I made a caramel cake with salted caramel buttercream and frosted the cake smooth.

I didn't frost the cake to the bottom as I was adding lots of extra buttercream to the sides due to the design! This cake was seriously sweet!

I tinted the remaining frosting orange, yellow and red. I then striped this into a piping bag so that the colours would swirl together. Using a large star tip, I started piping 'flames' on the side of the cake. Using the Wilton method of flames I built this up over a few layers on the sides of the cake.

First row of flames.

Building up the flames.

I had seen some cakes on Pinterest which used fondant for the amp cable, spelling out a name or Happy Birthday. I placed the guitar and amp on the top of the cake, leaving room for the message.

I rolled out some black fondant into a thin sausage shape and started to add this to the cake as the cable.

I found I had to do this in stages as it kept breaking if too long and thin. It was easy to blend the pieces together so that it looked like one long cable.

Here you can see the cable is spelling out my son's name. I worked backwards from the guitar to the amp. To me this was easier!

Once that was done, I used buttercream and tip 1 to pipe the strings for the guitar. Not quite 6 but near enough!

The piped smaller flames around the top edge of the cake to complete the design.

Apart from the guitar, this is a very simplistic design.

The amp speaker was made using my craft knife to score the front of the fondant.

Tons of buttercream flames!

Today marks another birthday. It is a year today that I started this blog. Thank you to those of you who have followed my little piece of the internet. I love hearing from you! Here's to another year.

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